Dave Smith Decoys Joins MeatEater Family

Dave Smith Decoys Joins MeatEater Family

We are excited to announce that Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) has officially joined the MeatEater family.

For more than two decades, DSD has brought the most realistic and effective decoys to market with an uncompromising commitment to realism, quality, and customer service. DSD specializes in creating turkey, waterfowl, and deer decoys that blend seamlessly into the wild spaces we love to explore and hunt. From life-size, incredibly-detailed, full-body whitetail, to a full-spectrum of hen and gobbler turkey poses, to nearly every species and subspecies of goose hunted around the world, DSD is known for creating poses and finishes that flat-out work in the field.

“We have a track record of bringing brands we trust into the MeatEater fold and helping them expand their products and reach,” Steven Rinella said. “I’ve been using DSD for a bunch of years. Their decoys are high quality and look more realistic than anything on the market. When we had the chance to introduce even more people to this exceptional brand, we jumped at it.”

Under the leadership of Smith and co-owners Greg Hogan and Brad Cochran, DSD will continue to expand its line of premium ‘A.C.E. Decoys’ in its Oregon-based plant as part of this new venture. “We have some great new products in the works, and we’re excited to work with the MeatEater team to bring these to market,” Co-owner and manager of Operations for DSD Greg Hogan said.

“Our mission has always been to make the most effective decoys available anywhere,” DSD Founder Dave Smith said. “With our commitment to making ultra-effective decoys in mind and our passion for conservation and ethical hunting, we would only agree to a partnership with a company who we feel we are aligned with in all these things. In MeatEater, we have found that partner.”

Check out the full assortment of decoys at www.davesmithdecoys.com, and help us welcome DSD to the family!

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