FHF Gear Joins MeatEater Family

FHF Gear Joins MeatEater Family

We are very excited to announce that the outdoor equipment maker FHF Gear is joining the MeatEater and First Lite family! FHF—which stands for Fish, Hunt, Fight—builds badass gear that combines the utility and durability of tactical equipment with the functionality required by serious hunters and anglers.

FHF makes our all-time favorite binocular harnesses and a slew of other great products right here in the USA, based out of their office just down the road in Bozeman, Montana. FHF will expand their offerings in fishing, hunting, and tactical gear under the MeatEater umbrella, while maintaining the same quality and care with which each piece is designed and produced today. The company will remain independently run by husband-and-wife team Paul and Jennifer Lewis.

“Anyone who knows me knows that staying organized in the field is extremely important to me,” said MeatEater founder and Chief Creative Officer Steven Rinella. “Over the years I’ve come to rely on FHF Gear’s quality and consistency, and I’m excited as hell to be able to support Paul and Jen so they can focus on what they do best: making high quality gear that will end up in the hands of hunters, anglers, and military and law enforcement servicemen and women.”

As an avid fly fisherman, bow hunter, and recently retired law-enforcement officer and SWAT Team Leader, FHF Gear Founder and Designer Paul Lewis brings extensive first-hand expertise to the MeatEater family.

“This new partnership and acquisition will not change FHF Gear in terms of who we are as a company or what we stand for,” Lewis said. “FHF has been a long-standing supporter of hunters, anglers, military, and law enforcement members, as well as a proponent of initiatives that support wildlife and public places. FHF has become what it is by involving true operators and outdoorsmen who demand only the best, valuing functionality, durability, and quality outdoor products, made right here in the USA. By joining forces with MeatEater, the team at FHF Gear will have the time and resources necessary to continue with development of new gear while refining old favorites and further strengthening the foundation that FHF was built on.”

Every piece of gear Lewis creates follows his design ethos: minimalistic and modular. Besides their famous bino harnesses, they produce next-level duffel bags, rangefinder and bear spray holsters, technical fly fishing chest packs, accessory pouches, and many more great organizational products that can easily be combined or detached through their innovative MOLLE loop system. It’s all tough enough to be used by soldiers in battle and police officers on duty but designed for hunters and anglers. Everything FHF makes is backed by a warranty that exhibits a deep confidence in the quality of the products they make and a commitment in customer service. Check out the lineup at www.fhfgear.com and help us welcome FHF to the family!

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