Best Hunting Bipods: Pros and Cons

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Best Hunting Bipods: Pros and Cons

I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt and compete using some of the top hunting bipods on the market. The “best” bipod for you might not be on this list, but the following should still point you in the right direction based on your hunting style.

This article dives into the pros and cons of four different bipods: Atlas PSR, MDT CKYE-POD Lightweight Double Pull, Magpul Bipod, and Spartan’s Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod. I pick a winner at the end of the article, but keep in mind that my reasoning might not align with your goals. If you want a solution that fits your personal needs, don’t immediately scroll to the end–check out the pros and cons of each option and make the pick that’s right for you.



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