Video: How to Pack a Horse or Mule with a Sawbuck Saddle

Video: How to Pack a Horse or Mule with a Sawbuck Saddle

Using a sawbuck and panyards is one of the simplest ways to pack a horse or mule. Place a saddle pad atop a well-groomed horse or mule. The sawbuck sits on top of the pad, much like a saddle. The britchen comes around the rear end, the breast collar secures the front, and the cinch fastens around the gut. This ensures that your load will remain well-balanced on your pack animal.

It's also important to make sure that the weight is equally distributed across both sides of the sawbuck in the panyards to avoid any lameness or sore spots. Some people weigh their loads, but you should be OK as long as the loads are of relatively similar weights.

So if you’re getting into equine animals yourself or going with a guide for your next high-country hunt, consider using sawbucks and panyards as an easy way to lighten your load.

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