Video: How to Crow Call with Will Primos

According to hunting legend Will Primos, “just cause you’re a bad dude doesn’t mean you can blow a crow call.” In this video we go over a few tips to refine your crow calling technique so you’ll be sure to shock gobble all the big toms within earshot this season.

When blowing a crow call, you can use your hand to throw the call to make it more realistic. You can also use a humming technique to distort the sound even more.

One mistake many rookie callers make is simply blowing through the call, resulting in a squeaky kazoo sound. To avoid this, think about hot air versus cold air coming out of your mouth. Primos explains the cold air as what you blow on steaming soup, and the hot air as what you use to fog up glasses that need cleaning. A good caller can switch back and forth between the two to make the call sound how they want.

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