Video: How to Score a Mule Deer Buck

 Video: How to Score a Mule Deer Buck

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to score a mule deer buck. The main difference between scoring a whitetail and a muley is how you handle the tines.

You’ll begin by measuring both main beams, all tines, four circumferences, and adding those numbers up. The last measurement you’ll take is the inside spread, being sure to use the widest point and stay perpendicular to the base.

The gross score is the sum of all of these measurements. However, you must subtract the differences across the sides between corresponding measurements and subtract that number from the gross score to get the net score.

As an official scorer for the Boone & Crockett Club I’ve scored hundreds of deer, and after watching this video you won’t have to argue with your buddy over an estimated score. Just get out your measuring tape and find out for yourself.

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