The Element Joins MeatEater Crew

The Element Joins MeatEater Crew

We are thrilled to announce that The Element crew is officially joining the MeatEater crew! Tyler Jones and K.C. Smith will be combining forces with Mark Kenyon, Tony Peterson, Spencer Neuharth, Clay Newcomb, and the rest of the MeatEater whitetail team to bring you the freshest whitetail reports, innovative hunting strategies, and so much more.

"We're stoked to be joining the Meateater team!” K.C. said. “It will give us the ability to continue pursuing and producing the best whitetail content on planet earth as the same fellas we've always been."

The Element podcast solicits the minds of their guests to discover cutting-edge tips and tactics for hunting whitetail, elk, and everything in between. Their podcast and video content will continue to grow and evolve in their own right with collaboration and support from MeatEater.

“We strive to produce the most entertaining and inspiring hunting content available today,” our very own Garrett Long said. “The addition of The Element to our stellar lineup speaks to that ambition. Their footprint has grown meaningfully over the last several years, but they’ve remained deeply dedicated to creating the best and most authentic whitetail content they can. We're excited to bring them into the MeatEater family and continue their amazing momentum."

From the Wired to Hunt Podcast to weekly videos and articles, we’re determined to deliver whitetail content that will inspire and educate you to bring down that booner buck of your dreams. Bringing on The Element helps fuel that desire.

So be sure to tune into The Element Podcast every Thursday, and look for more awesome whitetail footage from K.C. and Tyler in the future!

K.C. and Tyler

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