Video: How to Skin a Squirrel in 1 Minute

In my experience, this is the best method for skinning squirrels, especially if they were killed with a shotgun or have a torn-up hide. I call it the “Batesville Method,” but a more descriptive name would be the dip-and-snip.

First, dip the squirrel in water. This keeps most of the hair off the meat while skinning. You’ll need a pair of utility snippers that can be purchased at any hardware store for the next part. Clip the feet, tail, and head off the squirrel. Clip the hide around the mid-section of the body, separating the skin into two parts. This cut creates a place to slip your fingers under the hide. Next, pull the bottom and top section of the hide off the squirrel. It will come off easily with a steady tug. Lastly, take the guts out and cut it into quarters.

With a bit of practice and the right tools, you can clean a whole squirrel in less than a minute.

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