Video: How to Make Fish Curry with Kimi Werner

Fish curry is my favorite way to make a fish dish that is absolutely loaded with a variety of vegetables and packed with flavor. It's so easy and fast—unless of course you choose to husk, crack, and grate your own coconuts to make hand-squeezed coconut milk, which is exactly what we do in this video.

I also tackle a homemade curry paste. Though this recipe might seem intimidating with its countless ingredients and various steps, you really can simplify it however you see fit. There are great store-bought coconut milks (get the ones in the can not the carton!) and curry pastes available on the shelves of most stores. You can also use whatever seasonal vegetables you have on hand to replace what I'm using in this video. I just find that whenever my surroundings and resources allow me to explore the core sources of my ingredients, I get to know and appreciate my dish on a much deeper level.

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