Missouri Poachers Busted with 471 Squirrels

Missouri Poachers Busted with 471 Squirrels

Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) agents Brad Hadley and Eric Long discovered a large group of non-residents in the Current River Conservation Area with an overlimit of squirrels in their possession. The group, comprised of 16 individuals, took 471 squirrels over two days.

Missouri regulations allow a daily harvest of 10 squirrels and a possession limit of two daily limits, meaning each person can have no more than 20 squirrels in their possession. Theoretically, this group could have legally had 320 squirrels in their possession, but they were 151 squirrels over the allotted limit. Missouri regulations also require all game to be separate and identifiable to each hunter.

Authorities issued citations for possession of an overlimit of squirrels and warnings for failure to keep wildlife separate and identifiable to everyone involved.

“All hunters, regardless of resident status, are welcome and encouraged to hunt in Missouri, but all hunters must know the regulations prior to hunting,” Hadley told the Houston Herald. “Gross overlimits of squirrel are damaging to the local populations and it is also stealing from other hunters who abide by the regulations.”

Because this case is still under investigation, no further details have been released. However, based on the image provided by the MDC Facebook page, it appears that the group charred the squirrels. It’s no “Batesville Method,” but that's certainly one way to get the hair off.

Feature image via MDC Facebook.

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