Pre-order the Wild + Whole Cookbook Now!

Pre-order the Wild + Whole Cookbook Now!

Wild + Whole founder Danielle Prewett believes that every meal should tell a story, and that sustainable eating starts by reawakening our connection to food and relying on the seasons and the inherent rhythms of nature to guide our choices. In her debut cookbook, Wild + Whole, she shares the personal journey that taught her to love hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening, as well as her philosophy for cooking seasonally, eating consciously, and approaching food with curiosity, thoughtfulness, and intention.

Wild + Whole

Pre-order the cookbook now, and you’ll receive exclusive early access to three recipes that make the most out of seasonal summer ingredients and are perfect for backyard gatherings: sweet corn ice cream, venison hot dogs, and tomato panzanella with chanterelles.

venison hot dog

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