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Ep. 384: Hunting the Whitetail Rut with Andrae D’Acquisto

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Today on the show I’m joined by legendary whitetail bow hunter Andrae D’Acquisto for a followup to our previous conversation this summer and this time we’re tackling how to hunt the whitetail rut.

Topics discussed:

  • My principles for rut hunting success
  • How Andrae’s 2020 season has gone so far
  • How he goes about finding a buck during the last few days of October
  • Why the rut can be frustrating for someone hunting a single buck
  • The most important step to Andrae’s rut success
  • The detail of the rut bump and dump
  • Setting up on funnels during the rut and why some bucks avoid them
  • How and why to set up off the edge of bedding areas
  • What to do when you see a buck locked on a doe
  • Overhunting or not?
  • What sign is valuable during the rut
  • How moon phase may or may not impact deer movement 

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