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Ep. 294: How Deer See, Hear, Smell, and Survive with Pat Durkin

Ep. 294: How Deer See, Hear, Smell, and Survive with Pat Durkin

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Today on the show I’m joined by freelance writer and whitetail hunter Pat Durkin to get back to the basics of whitetail deer and how they see, hear, smell, and survive.

Subjects Discussed

  • Pat’s whitetail and journalist history
  • How Pat would rank the whitetail deer’s senses in order of importance
  • How to think about the whitetail sense of smell
  • Why their nose is so powerful
  • Can you defeat a whitetail’s nose?
  • How deer see differently than humans
  • The most important things to do to avoid being seen
  • What makes whitetail hearing so accurate
  • Can squirrel and bird noises clue you in on approaching deer?
  • Myths and mistakes in the hunting media
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