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Ep. 533: Wild Turkeys: Pluckin’ and Skinnin’ with Jesse Griffiths

Ep. 533: Wild Turkeys: Pluckin’ and Skinnin’ with Jesse Griffiths

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Topics discussed: Jesse Griffith’s brand new cookbook, The Turkey Book, is out so order it now on the MeatEater website; look out for our auction house of oddities for this DU sword; how Jeff Foxworthy trained himself to drink black coffee; listen to Luke Combs on our God’s Country podcast; the MeatEater 2024 Live Tour and Skootin’ Newton who used to live at The Wilma in Missoula, MT; when Steve’s “fresh set of eyes” saying was used by an attorney who was trying to sniff out hunters among the jury; get our limited edition “Fresh Set of Eyes” t-shirt at the MeatEater store now; how black phase squirrels are the offspring of gray and fox squirrels interbreeding; the Scythians who made quivers from human hide; explaining elk herds and the concept of depredation funds; 400 pages on how to cook a turkey; how to fry wild turkey; celery seeds as the secret special ingredient; breasts and lobes; the debate over cooking turkeys whole; the time when Jesse cooked dinner for Jacques Pépin; Gaston in the lap; harvesting an old banded turkey; getting shot at while turkey hunting; and more. 

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