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Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs

Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs

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Topics discussed: How Jim got canceled from Instagram and how to help him make a comeback by following him at @cervidnut; Jim's book, Deer of the Southwest, is back in print; the forthcoming bible on black-tailed and mule deer of North America; antlerogenesis and how antler bone resembles cancer growth; testes the size of peas; check out a picture of the two-headed fawn; extra bones; the female baubellum; Jim's article about lead and wildlife on The MeatEater website; how Seth ate so much tuna that he got mercury poisoning; why binturongs smell like fresh popcorn and brown buns; raccoon dogs; more Covid circulation between humans and deer; Pistol Jim, Jackrabbit Jim, and other perfect nicknames; planning our world squirrel cookoff; and more. 

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