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Ep. 327: A Gold Medal Podcast

Ep. 327: A Gold Medal Podcast

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Topics discussed: Back from the Olympics; "Outdoor Kids in an Inside World" is here to preorder; strategizing biathlon; how Steve is pro-skiing for all humans on the planet, except for his family; hunting while skiing; your chance to bid on Auction House of Oddities items until April 25th; the word for fossilized poop is ‘coprolite’; shitting out a rattlesnake fang; bobbing and weaving; the most groundbreaking photo of a fox squirrel eating a shad in a tree; how Steve will never traffic in memes; a non-apology to the falconer community; the "S&M hood" that falcons wear; the history of skis; biathlon as the most watched winter sport in Europe; precision vs. accuracy; how professional curlers probably have day jobs; too much socializing in the Olympic village; balancing your passions; the shit ton of attention you get during an Olympic year; when you do your best work wearing a helmet and goggles; how Steve's daughter loves Jani's cooking way better than her own dad's cooking; flipping and spinning; and more.


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