MeatEater Has a New Podcast!

MeatEater Has a New Podcast!

We’ve officially launched my new podcast called the Bear Grease Podcast. This is MeatEater’s storytelling, history podcast about life lived close to the land. It’s an eclectic, documentary-style listen exploring things for forgotten but relevant, searching for insight in unlikely places, and telling stories of some incredible people.

But what’s in the name? Bear grease is the rendered fat of a bear, which at one time was a highly-valued commodity. We’re using it as a metaphor for the things that modern society has buried but are worth resurrecting. I’ll explore conservation, hunting, biology, anthropology, human nature, and folklore in an entertaining search for insight with guests from all walks of life—some you’ve heard of but most you haven’t. The narrative storytelling will engage and entertain while the wide diversity of topics will keep you coming back.

On the first episode we’ll explore the myth of mountain lions in the South and how they’ve carved out a place in our culture despite not being here in 100 years. Or have they been here all along? I interviewed two people that have seen mountain lions in the South, plus a psychologist who tries to explain why many people think they’ve seen lions when they haven’t, and a biologist who gives us the facts. You’ll get valuable information from experts in a fast-paced, entertaining format. All the episodes are going to be under one hour, making for an efficient listen. The content will be edgy but always family-friendly. I want people to be able to listen with kids without worrying about exposure to anything above their maturity level.

On another episode we’ll explore the history of the relationship between dogs and humans with an anthropologist. I’m always trying to answer fundamental questions about myself—in this case, my irrational love for canines. We get into some deep history on dog domestication, selective breeding, and how dogs have influenced human life.

I hope you’ll check out the Bear Grease Podcast. You can listen to it on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And, if you’re interested in winning an incredible hunting helmet/light, then you're going to like our latest contest. Just send us a screenshot of yourself listening to the Bear Grease Podcast and you’ll be entered to win a custom-built raccoon hunting helmet from Steven Rinella or myself! For instructions on how to enter, go to the Bear Grease page or check out my Instagram. The last day to enter is April 14.

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