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Ep. 322: Better Hunting and Fishing For America

Ep. 322: Better Hunting and Fishing For America

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Topics discussed: the flea story; how to make maple sugar; marrying for the environment; the Poop-Trailhead Index; Steve's strong opinion about Thoureau; Fly Rod Crosby; the last caribou in Maine; when Eisenhower talked about flyfishing on D-Day; Federal Ammunitition sends 1 million bullets to Ukraine; mail carriers "terrorized" by wild turkeys in California; Popeye, Jani's one-eyed turkey; when the taxidermist knowingly gives you back an animal that isn't yours; the irresponsibility of the pen-raised prarie chicken arrangement; Brody's advice to wolf haters; refunding wolf tags in Wisconsin; getting rid of tags?; what a land easement actually is; abuses of the land easement system for tax evasion purposes; make a donation to MeatEater's Land Access Initiative; submit a property for our 2022 initiative; and more. 

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