As folks in D.C. struggle to agree on a second stimulus plan, MTN DEW® is already way ahead of them—and it’s a package we can get behind. For 50 days, they’re offering to pay for your hunting and fishing license through their “Out Here. It’s DEW,” platform. This is the second round of a $100,000 fund MTN DEW is issuing to license holders.

MTN DEW took their first batch of applications on July 15 and exhausted the $100,000 pot within five hours. It was so popular that they’re running the program back and offering another $100,000 to cover sportsmen’s licenses.

“The response to our initial MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus was incredible and to celebrate our continued commitment to the Heartland, we are issuing an additional stimulus, giving DEW Nation another chance to apply and enjoy what they love to do during this unprecedented summer,” said Julie Raheja-Perera of MTN DEW. “We love the Heartland’s passion for outdoor activities, like fishing and hunting, so we want to help make these pursuits easier all season.”

Here’s how to claim your part of the package: Every day at 9 a.m. Central, MTN DEW accepts 100 submissions. To be considered, you must provide a photo of your hunting or fishing permit from within the last year. After that, they’ll send you $20 via Venmo or check. Pretty easy, right?

But be warned, this is first come first serve. In the first week of Phase II of the program, the stimulus was tapped within four minutes each day. And as you know, hunters and anglers are a punctual crowd, so set your alarm early to cash in.

This isn’t the first time MTN DEW has won over those who like the out of doors. They have long been supporters of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, making sizeable donations to the upland conservation groups over the last decade. MTN DEW also wrapped their cans in camo in 2016 and gave away a hunt to Montana’s famed The Ranch at Rock Creek.

We’re stoked to see a household name like MTN DEW supporting hunters and anglers, especially at a time like this. Kudos to the brand for recognizing the value of license sales and outdoors participation. Cheers, MTN DEW.

In partnership with MTN DEW.