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Ep. 282: The "A" Word

Ep. 282: The "A" Word

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Steven Rinella talks with Cathy Raven, Carmen Vanbianchi, Ryan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: MeatEater's Campfire Stories and a sociopathic elk poacher; when you're a scientist hitchhiking to the grocery store and you have a run in with a total creepster; what the hell are mesocarnivores; collecting data points from kill sites; how you catch and collar coyotes; why skunks stink; Carmen's new non-profit, Homerange; eagles and sexual dimorphism; monogamy and harem breeders; how foxes domesticate easily; visits from a fox at 4:15pm; the "A" word: anthropomorphism; piling up dead things; voyuerism and exhibitioinism; how we humans should see ourselves as fitting into nature rather than revering it; rural folk vs. city folk; preserving silence; and more.


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