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Ep. 256: When They Come To Burn Your House Down

Ep. 256: When They Come To Burn Your House Down

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Topics discussed: Steve’s fourth quarantine and how his kids turned against their mother; when a poacher burns you down; how to support our buddy Brandon; Mingus the dog’s first mountain lion and Jani’s deep-felt pride; can Mingus excel as a coon hound?; when your scrotum retains its natural abilities to retract and firm up, and implications for horsemanship; caught on camera: a jaguar killing an ocelot; all the krinkles in possession limit details and when your girlfriend stores her birds in your freezer; birthing a baby at home into your kiddie pool with sous vide-warmed water; when you burn “The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills” and save the day; how to submit your photos for our Fucked Up Old Deer Stands fine art coffee table book; Jim’s article and what science says about lead vs. non lead bullets; and more.


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