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Ep. 240: Good Myths Die Hard

Ep. 240: Good Myths Die Hard

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Topics discussed: MeatEater Season 9; bears for Trump; finally, Spencer’s squirrel nuts article; Steve creating his own myths; how Seth should approach mentoring Steve on how to flesh beavers; catch and keep ethics; JT Van Zandt knowing where all the little spots are; taking down a nilgai; Jani’s journals; hydrogen peroxide hot tips; how single side clip binos reign supreme; Jani’s special Michigan hat with ear flaps; Steve’s oral sound FX for the sound a clip makes; tagging bucks and bulls; tracking animals with drones and dogs; loading two mule deer halves into a sack on a horse’s back; all the post-hunt logistics; duct taping skulls; high elevation challenges; butchering with a cleaver and rubber mallet; and more.


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