Ep. 220: An Elk-Hunting Nudist Checks the Breeze

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Steven Rinella talks with Bart George, Phil Taylor, Ryan Callaghan, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Starting life and ending life in PJs; how the lower-48’s caribou vanished; a deceased oscillated turkey; the last ever flip flop story; Jani being a chit-chatter with his seat mates on airplanes; cows not condos; kangaroo meat being favorite; your dead dog tied to a tree; when a 3-year-old lion kills 14 alpacas in a single night, is that surplus slaughter?; a bear rolls down a hill and onto the bike path; what’s it like to get dosed by ketamine?; the distance from the stimuli and the distance from the flight; a lion so close you had to pull your pistol; training big cats to avoid humans by blaring Ep. 197 of The MeatEater Podcast at them; how mountain lions hate it when you touch them; when a guy in Canada legally shoots your collared cat, then mails you back the collar; and more.


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