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Ep. 086: The Meat Tree, Part 1

Ep. 086: The Meat Tree, Part 1

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Afognak Island, AK- Steven Rinella talks with Remi Warren, Dirt Myth, Ridge Pounder, Pat O’Connel, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: The sprawling distribution of Ursus arctos; binomial nomenclature, the Linnaean classification system, and the finer details of brown bear taxonomy; Seward’s Folly; how elk got to Alaska; bad mofos; a little bit of elk taxonomy; the shittiness of Afognak; quartering an elk in the water, battle scars, busted antlers, and other stories surrounding Steve’s bull; getting attacked by brown bear, and more.

Seward’s Folly or The Alaska Purchase.

The guys get lost in the shitty Afognak weather.


Preparing a safe camp in brown bear country.


Steven and the crew butchered the elk in a stream.



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