Bear Grease

Ep. 9: Bear Grease [Render] - Ol' Slew Foot

Ep. 9: Bear Grease [Render] - Ol' Slew Foot

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On this episode of the Bear Grease [Render], Clay Newcomb is joined by the regular crew, minus Gary Newcomb -- however, the empty chair is filled by his wife Misty and her banjo.

The crew has fun by playing some live music including a cow bell and bear baculum. They talk about Clay's inaccurate pronunciation of the word "pronunciation" and have a conversation about acorn soup. They give Dr. Daniel Rupp the floor to expound on his contribution to the "Searching for Akerns" podcast and discuss how Clay had to be vetted before he could call Mr. Roy Clark. You'll get a real behind-the-scenes look into Bear Grease and hear some insightful commentary on the two episodes "Searching for Akerns" and "Fifty Years in the 'Baccer Field."

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