Bear Grease

Ep. 5: Understanding Our Irrational Connection to Dogs

Ep. 5: Understanding Our Irrational Connection to Dogs

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On this episode of the Bear Grease podcast, I’m in pursuit of understanding my irrational connection to dogs. I’ll talk about Lewin Newcomb -- my grandfather -- and his internal hierarchy of important things (of which dogs ranked very close to the top). I’ll interview anthropologist David Ian Howe, who specializes in the dog/human relationship, and we’ll discuss dog domestication, the impact of human selection on dogs, and how canines have affected the trajectory of our civilization. We’ll also interview a dog trainer, Damon Bungard, about his dogs and the unique way he uses them. Lastly, we’ll go on a raccoon hunt with hounds as we explore our irrational connection to canines. Towards the end we’ll draw some conclusions on new ideologies that are trying to change the rules of how human use dogs.

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