On Jan. 30, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced they recovered the body of David Vowell in Reelfoot Lake. According to the Tennessee River Valley News, Vowell was discovered by a hunting guide in an area locals refer to as Grassy Island. The 70-year-old suspect was accused of killing Chance Black and Zach Grooms while duck hunting on Jan. 25.

“He was located around 3 p.m., today, near the incident,” the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation posted on Facebook. “His identity has been confirmed and an autopsy will be performed.”

Although preliminary results won’t be back for a few weeks, Nick Beres of News Channel 5 heard from sources that Vowell died of an apparent drowning. High lake levels from heavy rain caused authorities to temporarily halt the search last Wednesday. District Attorney Tommy Thomas said the water temperature was 39 degrees.

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Feature image via Wiki Commons.