First Lite’s New Cache Waterfowl Pattern is Designed for Timber Hunts

First Lite’s New Cache Waterfowl Pattern is Designed for Timber Hunts

The world of waterfowling isn’t black and white, but it’s close.

You could say that much of what duck hunters do happens in light or dark environments, and staying hidden in either requires the right pattern. If you spend your time tucked up in cattails or marsh grass, First Lite’s Typha pattern is the right move. Ditto for field hunts, especially if you’re working ducks and geese over cut corn.

But what about flooded timber hunts? Or puddle duck hunts where your blind is nothing more than putting your back to a tree while waiting on a few woodies or teal? Then, the new Cache pattern is your best option.

Named after the famed Cache River, which winds its way through some of the finest flooded timber in Arkansas, this pattern isn’t just a southern waterfowler’s best option. According to Waterfowl Category Manager, Logan Williamson, it was created with all timber hunters in mind.

“We designed Cache camo with a color palette that is fine-tuned for maximum breakup in dark timber environments,” Williamson said. “We then took it a step further, and used micro elements throughout the pattern to create, and amplify, visual disruption at close ranges.”

Available in First Lite’s new Straightline and Rugged Wool collections and more, Cache is best suited for flooded hardwoods and dark timber environments where approaching waterfowl won’t get their eyes on you until they are up close and personal. Seasoned hunters know that camo patterns that are too light in color, or that just don’t allow you to blend into the trees will cause ducks to flare mere seconds before they hit the sweet spot.

Cache is designed to eliminate those frustrating encounters, and keep the ducks focused on finding a nice runway to land in your spread. All while they remain totally unaware that you’re drawing a bead on them.

If you spend any of your duck hunting time tucked into the shadows, or leaning up against tree trunks staring through the canopy for a sign that a mallard cyclone is on its way, Cache is the pattern for you.

Check it out, right here.

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