How My Bird Dog Nearly Killed Me

This audio is an excerpt from one of 16 harrowing tales featured in "MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls." In the audio book, you'll hear from seasoned hunters, anglers, and outdoor professionals who share their tales of perilous adventures in the natural world, from run-ins with black bears and grizzlies to bad falls and severe hypothermia. It's now available for purchase here.

The phrase “accidents happen” takes on a whole new meaning with hunting, the stories of which often have really bad endings. But thanks to his son’s quick thinking in the field, Joe Nowicki is alive today to tell this one about a fallen shotgun, a disengaged safety, and a misplaced paw. As far as Joey’s side of the story goes, in a landscape as monotonous and remote as that of rural Kansas, telling an ambulance where to go is harder than one might think. And what do you do when your best hack at first aid might cost your dad his entire arm?

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