How a Treestand Fall Nearly Killed Me

How a Treestand Fall Nearly Killed Me

This audio is an excerpt from one of 16 harrowing tales featured in "MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls." In the audio book, you'll hear from seasoned hunters, anglers, and outdoor professionals who share their tales of perilous adventures in the natural world, from run-ins with black bears and grizzlies to bad falls and severe hypothermia. It's now available for purchase here.

Treestand accidents are common among hunters—but most folks have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude. Greg Litzinger was one of those outdoorsmen, who found out the hard way while in the middle of nowhere in southern New Jersey. When a throttling storm and crippling disaster struck and Greg realized no one knew where he was, his only option for survival was to blow up his spot. Even when help was on its way, there was still the threat of rising water, snakes, and paralysis. Listen to the story of his long road to recovery, which was chock-full of hard days that had him thinking he’d never be able to climb into a treestand again.

Feature image via Captured Creative.

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