Video: How to Make a Raccoon Baculum Toothpick

It seems like every southern state has adopted the raccoon baculum as their own. You may have heard it called the "Texas Toothpick," "Arkansas Toothpick," or "(insert your favorite state) Toothpick." Regardless of where it originated, the curved penis bone of the raccoon is one of the most unique bones in the mammal kingdom. Native Americans used the bone to pack pipes for smoking. People use them ornamentally as necklaces. If you have a set, they can be used as horderve forks. However, the most functional use for the non-tobacco user is as a toothpick.

By grinding the tip down you can reach those hard to get to spots in the back of the mouth. It's not much different than a modern dentist's pick. In this video I'll teach you how to extract a baculum, clean it with dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, then grind the tip. In terms of specifics, boil the baculum in water with a squirt of dish soap for five minutes. Then use "40 Volume Clear Developer" hydrogen peroxide to whiten the bone. This can be purchased for cheap online or at a local salon supply store. I used a 50/50 mix of water and peroxide.

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