Video: .50 Cal. Rifle Explodes in Shooter’s Face

I’m pretty diligent about wearing ear protection at the gun range, but, admittedly, my eyes aren’t always covered. This video changed that.

In this clip via from Kentucky Ballistics, a .50-caliber rifle explodes from an “extra, extra hot round” in the face of Scott DeShields, Jr. Among his list of injuries is are a broken orbital bone, broken nose, lacerated jugular, punctured lung, and temporary blindness. DeShields credits his $12 pair of Stanley safety glasses for not being permanently blinded.

After about a week in the hospital, DeShields is on the road to a full recovery. It’d be understandable if he were trigger shy following the explosion, but DeShields said this won’t keep him off the range.

“I’m not going to quit doing what I love from one freak accident.”

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