Video: How to Clean a Catfish

Video: How to Clean a Catfish

We caught a big catfish and my buddy Ryan taught us how to skin it right at the boat ramp. These flatheads are renowned for their belly meat. This is a big one, but you can use this basic method with almost any size of catfish.

This works best if you have a standard fillet knife and an electric fillet knife. First, you take the two fillets off the sides and then cut off the belly meat. Using the electric knife on the fillets, cut a 90 degree angle to the skin then turn the knife sideways and run it down the fillet just above the skin.

This method doesn't involve pulling the skin off, rather slicing it off. You'll need to cut the inner membrane as well as the skin off the belly meat. After all the skin is off the meat, place it in freshwater over night to draw out the blood and you're ready to cook. Also, eating raw onion with fried flathead is mandatory.

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