Oklahoma Man Strangles Noodling Partner to Death

Oklahoma Man Strangles Noodling Partner to Death

On July 9, near the South Canadian River in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, 53-year-old Larry Sanders reportedly strangled and killed his noodling partner, Jimmy Knighten.

The two men had been noodling for catfish in the river together when they apparently broke out in an altercation. Sanders reportedly struck Knighten before strangling him.

Sanders reported himself to local authorities on July 10 and was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to jail.

Once the Pontotoc and Seminole county deputies and OSBI agents found Knighten's body later that day, they then arrested Sanders on a First Degree Murder complaint.

Sanders is currently being held in Pontotoc County Jail. The official cause of death is being determined by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office.

Feature image via OSBI.

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