Video: How to Burn Spinnerbaits for Big Smallmouth Bass

Video: How to Burn Spinnerbaits for Big Smallmouth Bass

I don’t know any angler who doesn’t like to fish spinnerbaits. This fun technique is even better when you do it fast—and when big smallies crush the lure right under the surface.

I learned this method a few years ago in the North Woods and put it to use in this video on New York’s St. Lawrence River. Burning a 3/8-ounce spinnerbait over shallow flats with mixed sand, boulders, and grass triggered awesome reaction strikes from some really nice smallmouth. Making long casts and fishing quickly allowed us to cover a lot of water and search out those aggressive fish. It' amazing the athleticism that they show, because I was literally reeling as fast as I can turn the handle.

I believe that wind is key to getting bass to react to such a big, flashy presentation. But with the right conditions and the right color combo, old school spinnerbait burning can be as fun as it gets.

Make sure to check out my appearance on Das Boat Northeast where I fish the famous Lake Champlain for largemouth and bowfin with my buddy Blane Chocklett!

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