Our Biggest Culinary Giveaway Ever!

Our Biggest Culinary Giveaway Ever!

If anyone knows how to outfit a kitchen with everything a game chef could possibly need, it’s MeatEater’s own Kevin Gillespie. He’s going to showcase his skills and deep knowledge as the host of our newest cooking show, “Sabertooth." To celebrate this new adventure, we’re offering the biggest culinary giveaway in MeatEater history.

Enter to win a one-on-one cooking class with Kevin himself, plus over $3,500 worth of kitchen gear and culinary products from the MeatEater store. Kevin will pick out the recipe and the equipment for you specifically based on your cooking style, favorite meals, and commonly used ingredients. Once you get all your gear, you’ll meet Kevin over Zoom for an hour to cook up some killer food and expand your culinary prowess.

You have from August 5th to August 30th to enter, and be sure to check out our new show “Sabertooth” for more awesome insight and secrets from one of America’s best chefs! Click here to enter the giveaway and click here to watch the first episode.

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