Video: Kimi Werner Makes Pao Pao Carpaccio

Video: Kimi Werner Makes Pao Pao Carpaccio

For a little while, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to snag an elusive pao pao for this delicious carpaccio recipe. But I eventually got lucky and stuck a shot on a good one right under my feet...while my camera was off, of course.

I hauled the pao pao, also known as a golden trevally, over to my tailgate prep station, where I broke it down into large, clean fillets. After slicing the meat thinly, as if for sashimi, I laid the pieces out and treated them to some sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, cilantro, red onion, capers, high-quality olive oil, and fresh lime juice.

By the time the carpaccio is ready to serve it should be almost fully submerged in this bath of ingredients. This just means every square inch of fish will soak up all those fresh flavors in the few minutes it lasts before disappearing from the plate completely. This recipe proves a universal truth about seafood: the simpler, the better.

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