Video: How to Make Bear Grease Beard Oil

Video: How to Make Bear Grease Beard Oil

Bear grease has many uses, and making beard oil is one more fantastic way to utilize the multipurpose fat. Beard oil has become very trendy in recent years and is often for sale in hardware stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. But why purchase it when you can make your own?

This recipe is simple. You'll combine equal parts bear grease, almond oil, and jojoba oil to make the base. You can easily order the almond and jojoba oil online. As for the bear grease, you'll have to acquire that the old fashioned way. Then you add your choice of essential oil along with some vitamin E oil.

This is a simple way to keep your beard healthy, looking good, and smelling great. My advice as a bear hunter is to keep up your macho image. You don't want to be too in-tune with all the modern hygiene hype, but you're badass for hunting bears and people should know it.

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