How to Cook with Organs

Beyond the wonderful steaks, roasts, ribs and ground meat your get from a kill, there is a lot of extra meat that is sometimes looked over by a hunter.  Using all the extras shows immense respect for your prey, as well as broadening your culinary pallet.  Use these tips to ensure you show maximum respect for the game you harvest.

  1. While not not nearly as meaty as cow’s head, venison head can still provide a memorable and surprisingly tasty meal. The jowl meat is flavorful and rich, and reminds one of pulled pork when slow cooked. Skinning the head is simple.

  2. The heart should be cored, like how you’d core a bell pepper. Slice away the fatty rim at the thick end of the heart.

  3. Cut around the heavy veins and connective membranes found at the base of the liver. For most applications, you’ll want to slice the live in slices just under a 1/4” thick.
  4. Peal the outer membrane away from the kidneys. These organs are best cubed for breakfast scrambles with eggs, potatoes, and herbs.    


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