Video: Owl Lands in Tree with Bowhunter

Hunter Lindsey was hanging in a treestand in Kentucky when he was joined by an unexpected guest.

"I had a coyote coming in that I wanted to shoot, but a small buck stepped out in the trail further down from me," Lindsey told MeatEater. "He started to turn around so I started to mouse squeak, hoping it would make him come back towards me again."

The mouse squeak worked apparently, but not on the intended critter.

"While I was squeaking that owl swooped in and landed on the selfie stick I had attached to the tree holding my 360 camera," Lindsey said. "It was literally a foot and a half away from me. It was a crazy experience I'll never forget."

To see more photos and videos of the encounter, check out @hunterlindsey93 on Instagram.

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