Video: Two Wolves Pick a Fight with a Wolverine

These two wolves committed a cardinal sin of fighting: underestimating their opponent. According to the National Wildlife Federation, the average male wolverine only weighs between 17 and 40 pounds-compared to a male gray wolf which can weigh anywhere from 70 to 145 pounds. But what these large members of the weasel family lack in stature, they make up with razor claws, bone-crushing jaws, and a never-back-down attitude.

Gulo gulo, meaning glutton, is the Latin name and one of many appelations for the mighty wolverine. They’re opportunistic omnivores, and like wolves, ungulates are a primary food source. Clearly, the “skunk bear” is no stranger to taking on animals twice or more its size. Biologists have even documented them fighting grizzly bears off a kill.

It’s difficult to say why this scrap started, but we're nothing if not impressed. Not many critters can hold their own against two grown gray wolves.

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