Video: Beaver Crushed by Falling Tree

MeatEater viewer Shanen Pitzer came across this gruesome scene while foraging morels in Illinois. While beavers are known for being incredibly resourceful engineers, the talented sawyers of the animal kingdom, they didn’t get that way by accident. Or maybe they got that way because of accidents—adaptations in an ongoing evolution of survival of the fittest. If you can’t successfully fell a tree, your DNA doesn’t get passed along.

Many of us have wondered if and how often the predicament this beaver got into actually happens. In the tragicomedy that is this peculiar situation, one shouldn’t ponder to beav or not to beav. Instead, just enjoy the absurdity of the natural world and laugh at some awesome puns.

In case you were planning on spending your weekend reading through funny comments on Spencer Neuharth's latest video of wildlife misfortune, we decided to round up the best of the best for you and add some of our own:


"That wood happen."

"0 days without an incident."

"Man died on the job. You could call it a 'workers chomp' situation."

"This wouldn’t have happened if he wore his steel-toe boots and high-viz vest."

"Next year’s beaver site safety induction briefs are going to be lengthy."

"If a tree falls on a beaver in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

"The bark was worse than the bite."

"I bet the raccoon with his nuts in the fence doesn't feel so stupid now."

"Bit off more than he could chew."


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