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Firearm Hunting

We’re Giving Away a Weatherby Vanguard MeatEater Edition Rifle!

It’s been our goal with the Back 40 project to inspire and educate hunters, especially those new to the pursuit. To ensure this mission continues, we donated the Back 40 to the National Deer Association—the creators of the nation’s most comprehensive new hunter recruitment program, Field to Fork. To...

Big Game

Phelps Game Calls Joins MeatEater Family

We are thrilled to announce—or bugle, if you will—that Phelps Game Calls has joined the family alongside MeatEater, First Lite, and FHF Gear. The Phelps team builds the hands-down best hunting calls on the market, and we’ve been talking to elk, turkeys, and ducks with their products for years. The...


FHF Gear Joins MeatEater Family

We are very excited to announce that the outdoor equipment maker FHF Gear is joining the MeatEater and First Lite family! FHF—which stands for Fish, Hunt, Fight—builds badass gear that combines the utility and durability of tactical equipment with the functionality required by serious hunters and...

Firearm Hunting

Video: Introducing the Weatherby Vanguard MeatEater Edition Rifle

A good rifle is more than a tool. It’s not the boots that will eventually break down, the GPS that will ultimately crap up, or the backpack that will someday tear. A good rifle is meant to endure. A good rifle is meant to perform under any conditions. A good rifle is meant to pass to the next...

Books & Literature

Hollywood’s Most Ridiculous Hunting and Fishing Scenes

Hollywood just doesn’t try very hard when it comes to depicting hunting and fishing. That’s really the only way you can explain how they get it so wrong, so consistently. From roaring sharks to fishing hooks from watch parts, movies have often ventured well past ridiculous. We’ve got a list a mile...


Check Out Our All-New Series “MeatEater Hunts”

It seems like just about every day someone is asking us when there will be new episodes of MeatEater TV on NetFlix. It’s a running joke around here. While we’re glad that you’re so excited to watch Steve, Janis, Cal, and crew over at our favorite streaming service, that particular production takes a...

Big Game

MeatEater’s 14-Day Quarantine Guide

For most of us, it’s been a week or more in quarantine and we’re feeling worn down. Even though our new daily routines are becoming more normal by the hour, things still seem a little off. A distraction would be nice. Now is the perfect time to let those New Year’s resolutions kick in and say no to...

Whitetail Deer

Announcing the Winner of the Back 40 Hunt Giveaway

MeatEater would like to congratulate Dane Acevedo on winning a whitetail hunt on Back 40 with Steven Rinella and Mark Kenyon in Michigan this November. “When I found out I won, I didn’t believe it! I was at work and couldn’t wait to get home and tell the wife, so she could share in my excitement...

Wild Turkey

MeatEater Hunts: The Texas Turkey

The shrub country of Texas in the spring is a magical place for turkeys. During Steve’s hunt there, he catches a rare glimpse into the mind of a fired up gobbler.

Wild Turkey

Michigan Turkey Hunting with Janis Putelis

Janis explores turkey hunting in his home state of Michigan, a land that barely held turkeys in his youth. The hunt delivers challenges of quiet birds and tests Janis’ patience down to the last moment.