Jordan Sillars

Jordan Sillars

Jordan Sillars is an outdoor writer with bylines in Game & Fish and National Review. He's working on a Ph.D. in English at Baylor University, where he studies the intersection of American literature and the environment.


Firearm Hunting

3 Best Rifle Calibers for Youth Hunters

If you have kids you want to get hooked on hunting, it’s important to think carefully before choosing their first rifle. Throwing them to the wolves with a .300 Winchester Magnum might make for a funny story when they’re older, but it’s a terrible way to recruit a future hunting buddy. There are...

Firearm Hunting

The History of Wildcatting in America

The term “wildcatter” is most frequently used to refer to oil prospectors from the late 19th century who drilled exploration wells in search of new petroleum fields. But the word also refers to another group of optimistic entrepreneurs, folks who hope to strike it rich (or at least become famous) in...

Firearm Hunting

The Hardest and Easiest Ammo to Buy Right Now

Gun owners are at the point in the ammo shortage when they’d be happy to find something—anything—to shoot. What started as a COVID-induced blip has turned into the worst ammunition shortage in recent memory, and industry insiders are predicting it will last through the end of the year. Hunters and...

Firearm Hunting

The Best Deer Cartridge You’ve Probably Never Shot

Remember that old children’s story, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears?” Some take the moral as a warning against breaking and entering, but most folks probably remember the story’s lesson about moderation: not too hot, not too cold, not too hard, not too soft—just right. The .257 Roberts is the...

Firearm Hunting

What the “Universal Background Check” Bill Means for Gun Owners

Most hunters know that purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer requires the purchaser to pass a background check conducted through the federal instant check system. In many states, however, purchasers can also buy guns in private transactions that do not require the buyer to pass a background...

Firearm Hunting

Caliber Battle: .300 Blackout vs. 7.62x39mm Soviet

Tacti-cool cartridges don’t always make the jump to the deer blind. The .300 AAC Blackout and the 7.62x39mm Soviet share ballistic similarities with the .30-30 Win., but while hunters laud the .30-30 as an excellent deer cartridge, they rarely give the same credit to the Blackout or the Soviet. The...

Firearm Hunting

Caliber Battle: 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .264 Win. Mag.

When the 6.5 Creedmoor hit the shelves in 2007, it was met with the same mixture of acclaim and contempt that welcomes all new cartridges. Now, like it or not, the 6.5 CM is here to stay. It’s cemented the 6.5mm as a legitimate, effective caliber for U.S. hunters, and it’s by far the most popular...

Big Game

Queen Elizabeth II: A Badass Hunter?

In Season 2, Episode 5, of Netflix’s hit series, “The Crown,” a young Queen Elizabeth II walks the hills of her famous Balmoral Estate in search of Scottish red deer. Though accompanied by a guide, the queen is the first to spot the herd and leads the way as they stalk across the countryside. Honed...

Firearm Hunting

Caliber Battle: .30-30 Win. vs. .35 Rem.

The .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington won’t break any speed records—there’s no doubt about that. Still, much like the old man who can rattle your teeth with a punch, appearances can be deceiving. The elder statesman of the deer woods, the .30-30 Win. hit the market in 1895 paired with Winchester’s...

Books & Literature

A Short Story Every Hunter Should Read

Tall tales. Yarns. Fish stories. Bullcrap. Whatever you call them, half-true or entirely fabricated stories have been favorites among hunters, probably since the first nomadic peoples started chasing animals with pointy sticks. The great thing about tall tales, and why they’ve stuck around so long...