Friday Morning Mashup 11/3/17

Friday Morning Mashup 11/3/17

By Bob Polanic – Hybrid-Outdoors

Wow! Sweet November! How did the whitetail rut creep up on us so fast? I know I’m not the only one that is beyond ecstatic that the rut is here. Add in a pretty spectacular 10 day forecast and I think the 2017 rut will go down as one of the best we’ve had in the past few years. If you struggled during the early season like myself, remember to just have patience, keep the hope alive, and continue pushing yourself to stay out there. Your entire season can change in a matter of seconds!

As it should be, this weeks round up from around the web has a heavy focus on the rut. Happy November!

Important Whitetail Peak Rut Sit Strategy – Whitetail Habitat SolutionsAnother FMM, another article by Jeff Sturgis. Worth the quick read if you’re undecided about stand locations for the rut.

9 Ways to Conceal Your Movement While Hunting – QDMAInteresting info here from a study about how deer see and some solids tips to keep your movements hidden.

November’s Magic: Hunting the Whitetail Rut – RealtreeCharles J. Alsheimer shares some absolute golden knowledge about hunting the rut.

Whitetail Vocabulary: A Guide To Calling Deer in November – Bowhunting.comBrush up on your calling skills before you encounter that mature buck.

Why Passing This 180-Inch Deer Was the Right Thing To Do – Wide Open SpacesHere’s some cool video and backstory on Don Higgins 207″ monster buck he harvested a couple weeks ago.

Why You Shouldn’t Take a Quartering-To Shot – Bowhunting.comDon’t do it. Sound advice here on why the quartering-to shot is a bad idea.

Whitetail Update #1 – Hybrid-OutdoorsShameless plug here. It’s been slow going in northern Michigan but we’re headed to Nebraska tomorrow for a week long hunt. I’ll be very active on social media so be sure to follow along!

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