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Ep. 209: Becoming A Mindful Hunter with Tovar Cerulli

Ep. 209: Becoming A Mindful Hunter with Tovar Cerulli

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Today on the show we’re joined by writer and author Tovar Cerulli to discuss his journey from vegan to hunter, the value of thinking deeply about hunting, the ethics of hunting and talking about hunting, and much more.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Dan’s western hunting bucket list and how he’s planning to make it a reality

– A few random thoughts on planning western out-of-state-trips

– The latest in our #dadlife adventures

– Who Tovar Cerulli is

– Why the relationship between hunting and non-hunting conservation groups so important

– How Tovar went from being a vegan to becoming a hunter

– The story of Tovar’s first deer

– What it’s like for Tovar to kill a deer now, many years later

– Why thinking about hunting can be a valuable exercise

– How can we hunters do a better job representing ourselves

– Should we say “kill” or “harvest”?

– Advice on introducing new hunters

– The importance of public access

-And much, much more!

Show notes, resources, links:

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