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Ep. 380: Dad’s First Bow Buck and the Back 40 Transformation

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Today on the show we’ve got the roller coaster story of Year 2 on the Back 40 and my father’s recent hunt there which ended with his first kill with a bow and his biggest buck to date.

Topics discussed:

  • What worked and what didn’t work for habitat improvements in Year 1 of the Back 40
  • Why our plots failed
  • Why we didn’t see as much deer activity as expected the first year
  • How we improved our fields in Year 2
  • The new food plot plan
  • The power of bees
  • The incredible change in trailcam results in Year 2
  • My father’s journey as a bowhunter
  • Dealing with a vision impairment and hunting
  • An exciting but disappointing Night #1 on the Back 40
  • Lessons learned from a missed opportunity
  • My dad’s first bow kill and takeaways from the “best hunting trip of his life”

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