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Ep. 348: A Deer Hunter’s Guide to Mushroom Hunting

Ep. 348: A Deer Hunter’s Guide to Mushroom Hunting

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Today on the show I’m joined by MeatEater team member and mushroom hunting aficionado Spencer Neuharth to cover off on everything a deer hunter needs to know to successfully take up mushroom hunting.

Topics discussed:

  • Why the hell should deer hunters care about mushroom hunting?
  • What mushrooms are worth seeking out
  • How to properly identify the top mushrooms
  • Top locations for finding mushrooms
  • Specific hot spots for morels
  • Mushroom myths and wive’s tales
  • Tips for better seeing mushrooms in the wild
  • How to properly pick a mushroom
  • Cleaning and storing mushrooms the right way
  • Spencer’s top ideas for cooking mushrooms


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