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Ep. 336: Scouting, Hunting New States, Gut Pile Farts, and Deer Gear

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Today on the show Dan Johnson and I answer your most pressing hunting related questions covering topics such as off-season scouting, hunting new states, the curious idea of gut pile farts, and recommended beginner deer gear.

Topics discussed:

  • Dan’s run-in with an international hacker
  • Our latest shed hunting exploits
  • A frustrating example of partisan politics mucking up wildlife management
  • Is it more important to improve bedding areas or food plots?
  • What’s the deal with e-bikes?
  • Shed season VS turkey season
  • When is the right time to take your kids hunting for the first time?
  • How to speed the learning curve when hunting a new state
  • Is winter scouting worthwhile?
  • Good beginner deer hunting gear
  • Beginner saddle hunting gear
  • Sticks VS steps
  • Best week to shed hunt?
  • How to help protect the Boundary Waters


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