How to Gut a Deer

You’ve got a sharp knife, a notched tag, and a big giant buck on the ground. Congrats on making it this far. Now the real work begins, it’s time to gut the deer.

Here at MeatEater, we want to give you all that’s needed to make quick work of this important task. Here are the essential steps to getting it done. 

Step 1: Cut through the skin around the anus, completely freeing the rectum.

Step 2: Begin gutting incision; do not pierce abdominal wall. Cut hide from the anus to the neck. 

Step 3: Pierce abdominal wall at the base of the sternum. Lift wall away from stomach and intestines; and slice to the pelvis. 

Step 4: Saw or cut through the pelvis to allow passage of lower intestine. 

Step 5: Saw or cut through sternum. 

Step 6: Slice diaphragm away from rib cage on both sides. 

Step 7: Very carefully, sever the esophagus and windpipe above the heart.

Step 8:  Starting with severed windpipe, pull guts free of the carcass. Save heart and liver. 

This badass blaze orange bandana provides instructions on how to gut your deer. Follow the steps for a quick and clean result, and feel free to make a fashion statement while you’re at it.


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